Please find details below relating to the upcoming ANZAC Day march ceremonies.
With the day falling close after the Easter long weekend, there are some thoughts that the participation may be less, as many opt to have an extended holiday week away with family and friends.
For this reason, the times are approximate, and it is suggested that you arrive at least half an hour earlier, (as noted below) in case the step off time is brought forward to accommodate the smaller group participation, and the less time impacted on each section marching.
The RAEME Association of Victoria look forward to seeing as many new faces as possible at the march and subsequently at the after function.
ANZAC DAY PARADE 25 April 2019
Form up Collins St East (south side) RAV Inc Banner will be displayed
ANZAC House has requested that members form up 40 minutesprior to Step Off time of 0910
Form up; 0830h  RAV Inc will form up with Army RAEME Vietnam Association (all RAEME March as one)
(No 16 in MUFTI Page 27)
Step off;   0910h
RAEME AssociationVic Inc Banner will be displayed
Details below are for those wishing to know about transport arrangements during the day and public transport links attached.