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Date Listed Name of Member Location Illness Point of Contact Email POC
04 Jun 19Glen DixonHomeGlen returned home yesterday are having heart surgery, a valve replacement and a stent. He is doing wellN/AContact POC
14 Apr 19Dave (Macca) MacDonaldAt HomeOnThursday 4 April 19 David MacDonald (Macca) was rushed to emergency at Wesley Private Hospital having a major heart attack.
He thought he’d been suffering heartburn for 4 days.
The Cardiologist was shaking his head in disbelief of his survival after installing 5 stents.
We are all so truly blessed to still have you with us today

We were also forced to take on another challenge with the discovery of Bowel Cancer.
It’s unfortunate, but thankfully found with all the diligence of the medical teams at Wesley PH
The pending operations will sadly be a slower process due to your heart attack recovery but Trust me, we WILL overcome this obstacle too.

I phoned Macca today and he is in good spirit, I plan to visit him in the next week or so, will keep you updated.
Barry ShipwayContact POC